Allie’s Rugby Story – Player

When I tell people I play rugby, I always get the same response. “Wow, that’s
a tough sport, huh?” And I always respond in the same way, “Yes it is, but it’s
probably the most amazing sport you could ever play.” After getting dragged to an
informational meeting at CVU about rugby, I reluctantly went to my first Rebel
Rugby practice. I arrived, totally scared out of my mind. I had played many other
sports growing up but I knew nothing about rugby. Any information I knew had
come from the “Rugby for Dummies,” document I had read the night before. I
remember playing touch to warm-up at that practice. The whole time, I felt lost and
confused. Some of the vets attempted to calm my nerves by telling me it was easy,
“Catch the ball and run forward.” After a solid week of total confusion, rugby was my
new love.

Rugby became the love of my life for a few reasons. The players on the Rebel
Rugby team were all very kind and accepting. I had never met such a diverse, open-
minded group of people. I found people that became my best friends throughout
high school and even after I left for college. Most notably, my coaches impacted my
life so positively. I had never felt so supported and championed by my coaches.
Every time I stepped onto the pitch, I knew I was supported by my coaches who only
wanted to see me grow and develop. My coaches were role models and through
their inspiration, I became comfortable with myself while learning my own strength.
They pushed me to be the best version of myself, something I am forever grateful

I played on the Rebel Rugby team for three years. I was lucky enough to also play on the Vermont Select Side team. I participated in the Vermont Rugby Clinic at St. Mikes for multiple years. Vermont Rugby gave me love for the game, something I will always carry with me.

Now, I am a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a confident, athletic person, who gives a lot of the credit to rugby. After arriving at Hopkins, I immediately joined the rugby team, giving me a new family and support system. The team was small and struggling when I arrived and I soon became the captain of the team. During my second semester at Hopkins, I became the President of the club as well. I am now in my third year of leading the team on and off the pitch. I have gotten vast leadership experience, an opportunity only available because of my time with Vermont Rugby. I have a new family of ruggers down here,not only from my own Hopkins team, but also girls on many other local teams.Rugby is a family. Rugby has expanded my social circle far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I’ve played for my high school team, the Vermont Select Side Team, my college team, and other local college teams. I have friends from allover the region simply because of the sport I play. I am seen as a leader and this gives me confidence. Deciding to play rugby in high school was the best decision I could have ever made.

As the captain and president of Hopkins Women’s rugby, I organized a
campaign to empower women. We did a “Because of Rugby…” photo campaign. After
posting it on our Facebook page, it was liked and shared by individuals and teams all
over the world. It was incredible to see the impact our photos made and the breadth
of the audience reached. The confidence shown by all my girls is something that my
experience with Vermont Rugby afforded me.
Here is the link:

Here are some reasons why we love rugby!

Posted by Johns Hopkins University Women's Rugby Club on Monday, February 8, 2016


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