Elementary and Middle School

Elementary and Middle School Age

Unfortunately, we don’t have any youth teams yet, BUT the more Vermont youth demand access to rugby teams and way to learn the game, the faster and easier it will be for VYRA to get the support they need to make it happen. If you have a son or daughter in Middle School or Elementary School who has an interest in rugby, encourage it! Hand them a rugby ball for their birthday and send them out in the yard with their friends to just throw it around (http://www.worldrugbyshop.com/71977.html probably size 4). Get them talking to friends and family about it, show them rugby games on youtube, take an interest in it too! Playing youth soccer or football or hockey, and even wrestling are all great ways to work on rugby skills as well! Yes the rules are different but the athleticism and teamwork learned will help your child pick up rugby even faster when they get the chance.

How can I help get youth teams faster? Good question!

Contact your child’s school district and ask about getting it into gym classes! Rookie Rugby(http://usarugby.org/rookie-rugby#language=english) is a non-contact form of the game that is used across the USA in schools and camps to teach the game in a safe, low pressure environment, and it is time that it came to Vermont. The greater number of both youth and adults we can get even just talking about rugby, the greater chance that we will be able to grow an amazing program here. Be a part of something new and exciting!