Intro to Rugby

Below you will find a series of short intro videos to help explain some of the basics of Rugby. These were created by AIG and the New Zealand All Blacks. Each video is 2 minutes or less, and will give you and your child a solid basic understanding of the game.

The Basics:

The Pitch:

The Positions:

Start of the Match:

The Scrum and LineOut:


Now you know the basics of the game, try watching a few matches on youtube and see if you can keep up!

Fun Fact: There are no differences in the rules between men’s and women’s rugby.


Below are two Powerpoint Presentations that 802 Rugby uses during our Parent Presentation section of our annual Vermont Youth Rugby Camp hosted in April. Feel free to download, print and use our presentation for your personal use or for your team’s purposes.

Parent’s Presentation 2014

Parent’s Presentation


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